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Anak Baboe Belanda
2013-09-24 03:16:57 UTC
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A very small number of Usenet users hang around in newsgroup not to
share useful information to others, such as what are the benefits of
Metamucil, what are the good newsgroup readers, etc, but to steal
personal data about you from the Internet and sell them to porn sites.

That's why it is never a good idea to give out your real e-mail
address to Darion and his brother Bendhel, aka as Bill. I have known
Bill for decades, mainly from soc.culture.indonesia

Bill claims that he is a Protestant Christian. Actually, Bill is the
same person as Darion, a Muslim Fundamentalist and a Taqiya
Practitioner. He is the son of a high ranking government official
during president Suharto's time. He told us that his father's monthly
salary was "pas-pas-an", meaning just enough to buy rice and salted
fish, yet his father has plenty of extra money to send him and his
siblings to schools abroad, to America, Europe, and other expensive
places with his full time "pas-pas-an" government salary. Does it make
sense to you?

As a Taqiya Practitioner, Bill makes sure that other people see him as
a Protestant Christian, even though in real life he is a fanatic
Muslim Fundamentalist, just like Komin who is a Cambodian Cham.
Once in a while German, a netter in this newsgroup, made disparaging
remarks about Muhammad. Immediately Bill joined in making bad remarks
also, but referring to "Mahmud" or "Mukamat" instead his old prophet
"Muhammad". Who is "Mahmud"? Who is "Mukamat"? Well, this is what a
Taqiya Practitioner do, in case you don't know. It is not easy to
catch a Taqiya Practitioner lie. They use IP address from Rotterdam or
Cambodia, when in reality they live next door to you.

And so I have developed what I called a 24-KARAT test, to test whether
Darion is a Protestant Christian, or a Muslim Fundamentalist, the same
test that I used the The Colonel. I am going to copy and paste the
test that I have use on The Colonel. Here it is:

German @yahoo.com wrote:

Mohammed had 12 wives and 5 goats and asked Muslims to slaughter
non-muslims. He has success theory of more wives, more sex, more
children and more killings.


The Colonel answered: Moohammed was a goat poaker

I challenged The Colonel:

"I dare you to pronounce or spell his name correctly! I bet you dare
not insult your prophet.

Do it, write "prophet Muhammad S.A.W." instead of "Moohammed", was a
goat poaker". We want to see if you dare to insult your own prophet
openly, instead of hiding behind Taqiya Masks.. "Moohammed"...who is
"Moohammed"? Is he the same as "prophet Muhammad S.A.W."?

We are all waiting to see your response."

I want to see if his answer is an "Islamic Victory" or not...LOL

"Naturally, locals do not like immigrants who outperform themselves, which is why they are so hostile..." Dänk 42Ø
2013-09-24 07:18:59 UTC
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You and the rest of the fakers here cannot discern Your Colonel's location.
Why? Because Virtual Shadow employs the cloaking device.
I am here and not.

Colonel Edmund J. Burke
U.S. Army, ret.
2013-09-24 15:41:53 UTC
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>You and the rest of the fakers here cannot discern Your Colonel's location.
>Why? Because Virtual Shadow employs the cloaking device.
>I am here and not.
>Colonel Edmund J. Burke
>U.S. Army, ret.

You are full of SHIT, Darion!

You are using Microsoft Windows Mail to post your shit through an
account with Deja News (eternal-september.org)

CIA and FBI....here's your challenge to locate and apprehend this
dangerous Muslim Fundamentalist. Do it NOW! I kid you not.

"Naturally, locals do not like immigrants who outperform themselves, which
is why they are so hostile...".Dänk 42Ø