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2013-09-17 15:37:57 UTC
On Tue, 17 Sep 2013 05:39:58 -0700 (PDT), "Jesus Isa Yeshua Jew
Christ fucked St . Mary Magdeleine the Prostitute , was the
ONLY CHINESE in Indonesia are
allowed to send their Chinese children abroad ,
in order to claim themselves CHINESE
as Indonesians
Everyone can send its children to schools overseas, not only Chinese,
as long the money is not HARAM money from corruption and stealing, or
from using government position to steal money. Children who live from
stolen money can never soar like an eagle, never! I know this for a
fact from personal experience watching children who were raised from
stolen money. Money obtained through corruption is CURSED money! I kid
you not.

People who get their wealth from corruption think that they can enjoy
their booty in time of need, when they are old, but they are wrong,
dead wrong! Their children are already standing in line to rob them
even before they die, or while they are still alive but dying. This is
the Law of Karma.
Anak Baboe Belanda
2013-09-17 19:19:21 UTC
On Tue, 17 Sep 2013 09:38:12 -0700 (PDT), "Jesus Isa Yeshua Jew
Christ fucked St . Mary Magdeleine the Prostitute , was the
where do you BABOON Belanda think
Chinese in Indonesia get their MONEY from ?
from the DARK SKIN REAL natives of INDONESIA.
You are exactly right, we make money from the natives of Indonesia.
We do business in Indonesia. We have stores, we have shops, we have
restaurants, we have pharmacies, we have tourism business, we have
hospitals, we have medical clinics, we have all kinds of businesses in
Indonesia. How about you?

Where do Cambodians like you make your money from? I BET from your
government, right? I knew it....I knew it.....I knew it....LOL
the same for Malaysia ,
CHINESE in Malaysia get their Money from the Dark Skin Malays
You are right again. Chinese in Malaysia make their money from the
native Malays. Chinese in Malaysia have all kinds of businesses in
Malaysia, just like the Chinese in Indonesia and Singapore.

Where do the rich Malays get their money from? According to some
netters in soc.culture.malaysia, the Malays get their wealth from
their government, right?

You Cambodians don't know how to make money any other way except from
your government....;)

ALL you people are good at is spend.....spend.....spend...and spend
some more..some more...and spend some more.

No wonder you are poor and not as rich as the Chinese and the Jews...

I have said before, and I am going to say it again, if you want to
soar like an eagle, don't hang around with the turkeys (stupid birds).

That's the truth and nothing but the truth!

"Naturally, locals do not like immigrants who outperform themselves" Dänk 42Ø
Anak Baboe Belanda
2013-09-22 14:42:19 UTC
On Sat, 21 Sep 2013 16:08:53 -0700 (PDT), "Jesus Isa Yeshua Jew
Christ fucked St . Mary Magdeleine the Prostitute , was the
CHINESE are always lying .
They have to, otherwise they get robbed..
they say, you'd better kill the chinese first then the snake later if you
happen to encounter situation where both appear at the same time
chinese are much trickier (thus dangerous) the the trickiest snake !
That's the only way you people know how to outperform the
Chinese....by robbing them...raping them...and killing them...
like what happened in May 1998.

There is a history book about that May 1998 incident that is widely
circulated here in Los Angeles. Apparently praying five times a day
does no good at all...

"Naturally, locals do not like immigrants who outperform themselves, which is why they are so hostile..." Dänk 42Ø
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