Police rescue 47 Laotian women forced into prostitution in Thai karaoke bars
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2006-02-01 15:39:33 UTC
Updated:2006-02-01 08:28:16
Police rescue 47 Laotian women forced into prostitution in Thai karaoke
BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - Thai police on Wednesday raided two karaoke
bars in a province near Bangkok and rescued 47 women from neighboring
Laos who were forced to work as prostitutes, police said.

The women rescued from the bars in Chachoengsao province, 30 kilometers
(19 miles) east of the capital, included eight girls under age 18, said
police Col. Kraibun Songsuat. He said the bars' operators had kept the
doors to the bars locked to keep the women from escaping.

Seven people involved in operating the bars were arrested and charged
with human trafficking, which carries a maximum penalty of 50 years in
prison, and with providing shelter to illegal immigrants, which carries
a penalty of up to 20 years, he said.

Kraibun said the karaoke bars also served as a venue from which women
from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos - Thailand's poorer neighbors - were
resold to third countries, particularly Malaysia.

Often in such cases, women are promised legitimate work in Bangkok, and
then compelled to become sex workers, who are then sold several times.
Human trafficking, especially in the sex trade, is a major problem in

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2006-02-02 04:40:33 UTC
My name is MOUA Koumisith.
I have lived and grown up in France since 1978.
My origins are Hmong-lao and a French residant.
From 2002 to 2004, I was in Thailand and I created a tourism company in
car location and as a guide to tourist in the city of
PHRAPHOUTHABATH... C.SARABURI. I had the same problem as the american
couple that was assassinated on January 18th 2006, at NONG KHAI in

It happened on August 30th 2003 between 10:30 to 11:30 am, in the
downtown of LOPBURI, when the civilians were all outside; the Thai
secret services had tried to assassinate with killers but I escaped

On April 7th 2004, the same persons has tried to trap me by hiding
drugs inside my car (by using 4 of my employees). Luckily, the Thai
police has not found anything in my car.

By analysing, I am sure that the thai authority, the Thai secret
service, le military, the police, and the governement were especially
concerned in those attempts to assassinate me in their country . The
investigation were classed too quickly because they are doing
everything to cover it up. I am also sure that it is the communist
gouvernement Pathet Lao that has paid the Thai authority to organise
those attempts.

I am ready to give a million of baths to anyone who can give me
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I am also ready to give my life assurance of about 4 million bath (100
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