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Anak Baboe Belanda
2013-09-22 16:18:31 UTC
I have never tasted the "good life" of corrupt government officials,
or their children, until recently. My sister is a gambler since 1987,
a professional gambler. She belongs to the VIP Club at a large casino.

Recently she invited me to watch a performance show and dinner by one
of the Jackson's brothers, as her guests. My wife and I went to see
her at the hotel where she stays, a $400 a night hotel room. The hotel
has a large swimming pool for adults and children, a jacuzzi walk in
hot tub, a massage parlor, and all the goodies that corrupt government
officials and their children normally enjoy, free.

Prior to the show, we get to eat mahi-mahi fllet, the best sirloin
steak, steamed and seasoned asparagus, bread, and sweet desert.

And the Jackson show was a good musical show, although it was too
noisy for me.

I asked myself, is this a sample of the kind of good life that corrupt
government officials and their children usually enjoy, the life of a

What a boring life!


"Naturally, locals do not like immigrants who outperform themselves, which
is why they are so hostile to Jews". Dänk 42Ø
2013-09-22 16:33:35 UTC
The more niggers that die in Kenya the better for America.
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