'Tattoo's a way of showing love'
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2007-07-10 22:12:32 UTC
'Tattoo's a way of showing love'
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For the latest trend doing the rounds - as far as getting yourself
inked goes - is getting tattoos that reflect your life-long love for
your progeny.
Gone are the days when biceps of lovesick hunks sported heart-shaped
tattoos esconsing the calligraphed names of the ladyloves they were
pining for. And you might as well forget about seeing a shy young girl
emboldening herself by getting her beau's initials permanently etched
onto her delicate left ankle. For the latest trend doing the rounds -
as far as getting yourself inked goes - is getting tattoos that
reflect your life-long love for your progeny. BT takes a look at a few
celebrities - both of the desi and videshi variety, who have chosen to
honour their children by immortalising them in the form of tattoos
they choose to flaunt with unabashed parental pride!


The latest 'papa the great' to have reportedly endured the painful
tattooing procedure all for the love of his pyaara beta Aarav is our
very own Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi , Akshay Kumar. Away in Australia for a
film shoot, Akki was missing Aarav so much that he promptly went to a
tattoo parlour and got a tattoo that spelled 'Aarav' all across his
back. You could say that "Aarav has got his dad's back covered!"


A veteran of the tattoo by now, Angie sports not one, not two but five
tattoos that symbolise her undying love for her four children. The
first four tattoos are the coordinates representing the locations
where she adopted Maddox (N11° 33' 00" E104° 51' 00"), Zahara (N09°
02' 00" E038° 45' 00") and Pax (N10° 46' 00" E106° 41' 40") and
where her and Brad Pitt's child Shiloh was born at (S22° 40' 26" E014Â
° 31' 40") and are on her left arm which cover up her former 'Billy
Bob' tattoo that she had got for her then husband Billy Bob Thornton.
Her fifth tattoo on her left shoulder in honour of her brood is a
magical Pali incantation written in Khmer, the native language of
Cambodia and is a symbol for her son Maddox. Angelina got this tattoo
to protect herself and Maddox, from bad luck and accidents.


Nothing says "I love my daughters!" better than having their names
tattooed across your forearms. Just ask Arjun Rampal, who has the
names of his tots Mahika and Myra inscribed on the insides of his
forearms . No "I love Mehr" tattoos for this doting dad.


Inspired by his dad, David Beckham had the names of his three sons
Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz tattooed on his back after each one was born.
There's a guardian angel there, too, that Becks says "looks after
them" . He says that he likes the feeling that his three boys are with
him even when he's away from home. And not just in his heart. A lot of
Becks's tattoos were drawn by tattoo artist Louis Molloy including the
three cherubs on the inside of his biceps to represent each of his
children .

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