Forces of darkness gaining upper hand, warns bishop
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Khmer Rouge HUN SEN the EkkaTat , the Singled eyed Mafia Boss of Cambodiia
2013-05-24 02:42:40 UTC
is it true Taib Mahmud is a STRONG MAN in SARAWAK , just
like I am in Campuchea ?

I heard Taib Mahmud of Sarawak is worth 15 billion US$ ,?
according to some German analyst in Swiss circle.

that means TAIB Mahmud in SARA WAK is like I am in
Campuchea .
 A Selangor Voter Malaysia Boleh! is a nation where a party that got only
47% of the votes (and that too by massive cheating and using illegal voters)
get to rule and the the opposition that won 52% of the votes get to be the
24/5/2013 7:53:50pm | Report
HUMAN BEING Only those who think that minority government has won is sickos.
The Rakyat is ready. As a Chinese, we are all behind Malays like Anwar,
Harris Ibrahim, Tamrin, Adam Adli, Rafizi, Nik Aziz, Sabu, Nik Nazmi, etc.
24/5/2013 7:51:26pm | Report
Alfred Charles DSAI soldier on against these modern day imperialists who are
just a minority government. Isn't this a shame and a shame arresting
citizens who are showing their disgust over what happened in GE13. The
message for the Black Moon is "your brain must be really constipated" as you
are mimicking a parrot. Ha! Ha! Ha!
24/5/2013 7:51:15pm | Report
cala Do not act in haste. While I admire the commitment, zealousness, and
drive of Anwar in his chosen endevour in the face of obstacles, he may want
to relook into the strategy of achieving the goals in terms of short-term,
medium term, and long-term. If highlighting election frauds is the
short-term goal, I guess he has already attained it. The issue really is
about bringing the issue through court proceedings, a medium-term goal. At
issue is to conserve the energy of the people and Pakatan coalition in
general. Any change will not happen in a haste, the better option is to plan
and to achieve it through time. Anwar probably must learn to enjoy "the
process of change", not just aim at the final grand prize--taking over the
government in the 14th general election.
24/5/2013 7:48:19pm | Report
Endofworld Bear in mind that with all the actions taken by the despicable
gov will lead to end of their rule. Just like the MCA. Anger are not
manageable when being constantly challenge.
24/5/2013 7:48:07pm | Report
Uncle Tim Uncle Tim At least 50% of the nation are very, very angry about
what is happening in this country. That includes a senior citizen like me,
born before Merdeka, and here to stay. I appeal to the leaders....PM, Home
Minister and responsible men in charge of policing the country, not to use
sheer force against any voice of protest, but to hear the peoples' voice. To
charge one by one, the elected representatives of the people of Malaysia, so
soon after they have just been voted in by the thousands is not good for the
government's image. It is very, very sad indeed. We must put behind the dark
era of ISA and Operation Lalang. I appeal to the responsible Ministers in
the Cabinet, including deputies to speak up and express your heart's views.
I appeal to all the elected YBs, the back benches to speak up clearly, and
not to reject protests with the full force of the law. Please listen to the
voice of the rakyat, those who voted you in, and those who voted for the
opposition. Please listen....
24/5/2013 7:47:49pm | Report
2zzzxxx The illegitimate umNO gomen is very afraid of 25.05 as it knows the
world would see the umNo gomen is a minority government.
24/5/2013 7:43:50pm | Report
Karpal Singh said: "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble for the
country... Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat !! (repent)." Only a sick man will
say that his party won when it is proven that he had actually lost. And
those who still believes in this man are no different. You 'sickos' should
get psychiatric help. Period.
24/5/2013 7:43:47pm | Report
The Mohican In Bolihland, the laws and all enforcement agents are
indoctrinated by BTN to persecute the opposition, not to administer justice
and ensure harmony for the rakyat!
24/5/2013 7:43:20pm | Report
sa tombs Chief Justice please note that you wont have sufficient judges to
try all these people. Result...all other matters willbe postponed in order
to carry out the will of the Gormen.
24/5/2013 7:42:45pm | Report
Rosmah This UMNO/BN regime is trying to apply a strategy of "carpet
bombing"...hoping to break the will of the people! High hope and dream on
Najib, we shall not be cowed! Eventually, the good will win over the evil
forces...Zahid, is that your best shot...is your hand still busily occupied
playing marbles?
24/5/2013 7:33:57pm | Report
Billy The Kid This evil regime will incur the wrath of the rakyat very, very
24/5/2013 7:32:23pm | Report
BOYCOTT MSM Biggest by BN over and over again
24/5/2013 7:28:49pm | Report
HUMAN BEING The Rakyat is not afraid!
24/5/2013 7:28:22pm | Report
The forces of evil are going to have you arrested and imprisoned
indefinitely. Even the Pope cannot help you. Lucifer is in control
2013-05-24 02:49:10 UTC
On May 23, 7:42 pm, "Khmer Rouge HUN SEN the EkkaTat , the
is  it  true   Taib  Mahmud  is  a  STRONG  MAN in SARAWAK   ,  just
like I am in  Campuchea  ?
I  heard  Taib  Mahmud of  Sarawak  is   worth  15  billion  US$  ,?
according  to  some  German   analyst   in  Swiss   circle.
that  means  TAIB  Mahmud  in  SARA  WAK  is  like  I  am in
Campuchea  .
You also have US$15 billion dollars, komin?
Atiya Achakulwisut , BangKok Post , Thia 's land
2013-07-28 15:29:59 UTC
I think if Komin has 15 billion US $

KOMIN would not be posting here

KOMIN would not be living in CAMBODIA 's sea side if
Komin has 15 billion US$
Post by rst9
On May 23, 7:42 pm, "Khmer Rouge HUN SEN the EkkaTat , the
is  it  true   Taib  Mahmud  is  a  STRONG  MAN in SARAWAK   ,  just
like I am in  Campuchea  ?
I  heard  Taib  Mahmud of  Sarawak  is   worth  15  billion  US$  ,?
according  to  some  German   analyst   in  Swiss   circle.
that  means  TAIB  Mahmud  in  SARA  WAK  is  like  I  am in
Campuchea  .
You also have US$15 billion dollars, komin?
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